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Kangen Enagic water is high quality water made by the Japanese company, Enagic. The water, made using superior ionization technology, is available for sale all around the world. Many people don’t know this, but regular tap and other forms of drinking water have several issues that can have strong cumulative negative impacts on the body. The Enagic makes seeks to overcome these shortfalls so that you can live a healthier life, and brings you the best enagic kangen review.

The Enagic Kangen Water Filtration System

Enagic Kangen Alkaline WaterThis might be the first time you have heard of Enagic, but it has actually been around for three decades. At its inception, it was a small part of the multinational technology company, Sony. At first, the company’s products were sold within the local Japanese market, but after making its first water filtration system in 2000, Enagic went on to sell the product globally in 2003.

In a short span of time, the company had established offices in LA, New York, Tai Pei, Europe, Mexico, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwain, California, Tai Pei, Hawaii, Canada, Korea, and Singapore. More international offices will be opening up as well.

High Quality Alkaline Water Produced By Enagic Kangen

The Enagic Kangen water Water System is a water filtration system that uses advanced ionization technology to produce water that is superior to typical tap water. In general, the water ionizer produces more enagic kangen alkaline water, which has several health benefits. They include more energy, reduced incidence of disease, more antioxidants, detoxification benefits, better utilization of the nutrients in food and medicine, and a slower aging process.

Tap water has over a hundred unregulated pollutants, and a third of all bottled water has contamination levels that exceed the prescribed units. With reverse osmosis water, the really dangerous contaminants are able to pass through during the “purification” process, while healthy minerals are left behind. Enagic Kangen water is not only much healthier, but its uses are a lot more diverse. In addition to drinking it, you can use it for preparing food, beverages, and even watering plants.

The Kangen Enagic Water Systems Products

One of the company’s signature products is the K8, short for Leveluk Kangen 8. The machine goes for $4,980, and among its impressive list of features are a large color LCD touch screen panel, auto-off, automatic filter sensor, and the ability to clean itself.

The K8 can make water with pH of between 2.5 to pH of 11.0. The highly acidic water can be made at a rate of 0.3 gallons a minute, while water of pH of between 8.5 and 9.5 can be made at a rate of 2 gallons a minute.

This machine actually makes five kinds of water: 1) Strong Kangen Water (pH11.0), 2) Kangen Water (pH 8.5 to 9.5), 3) Clean Water (pH 7.0) 4) Acidic (Beauty) Water (pH 6.0) and 5) Strong Acidic Water (pH 2.5).

Still, there are models that cost about $1,500, and others that cost as much as $6,000. The parts of all these water systems are made in Okinawa, Japan, using the highest standards. The technology that goes into these water filtration systems consists of anti-bacterial granular activated charcoal and a mechanical filter that is able to rid the water of 95% or more of the chlorine in it. Rigorous testing is also used to ensure all products are in perfect working condition when they leave the manufacturing plant.

Promote Global Health Through Its Business Opportunity

Under the motto of “True Health”, Enagic seeks to bring global health through its products, and is also willing to compensate those who are willing to help it achieve this important goal. For instance, if you are able to make substantial sales of its products, you can skip ranks. In the lowest level (2A), you get $235 plus $50 if you sell a single SD501 unit (worth $3,980).

At the second level (2A), this commission rises to $570. At level 6A, in addition to unlocking more payouts by selling 100 machines, you will get an educational allowance, Title Incentive, and a 6A Step-up Award among other perks. Additionally, any sale made within 90 days of the previous one at any level comes with a $50 bonus.

Your position in the ranking also determines your points, and for each point, you get rewarded $285 (when selling the SD501 model). You will not have to pile up stocks of this product, or pay distributor fees, you just need to purchase a system yourself and you are good to go!

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Millions of people use forskolin on a daily basis to lose weight and get thinner, healthier bodies. The buzz and hype surrounding pure forskolin is higher than ever and unfortunately, this has also garnered the attention of scammers. To help protect yourself from unscrupulous coleus forskohlii root extract sellers, here are some tips you can use to avoid getting scammed:

Avoid free Forskolin Trial Offers at All Costs

On paper, free trial offers sound fantastic. Who doesn’t like to try something for free before having to actually buy it? While it may sound great at first, the truth is that using a forskolin free trial is likely only going to cause you a headache down the road.

The reason for this is because most pure forskolin free trial offers hide clauses in their terms that say they will bill you upwards of $90 per month if you don’t cancel your order. However, they also make the cancellation process incredibly difficult, which may make your life even more difficult.

Inspect the ingredients label

forskolin supplement scamThis step only takes five minutes of your time and you can get a good idea exactly what you’re buying. If the label looks like it contains several fillers or artificial ingredients, then stop there and find a new product.

If the product looks legitimate, then you should move on to see whether or not the company is legitimate. However, inspecting the label is important so you actually know what you’re buying and how much forskolin is in each dose.

Know the refund policy

Any legitimate forskolin supplement seller is going to have a very clear and simple refund policy. If you can’t find a reasonable refund policy or simply can’t find one at all, then chances are the seller has something to hide. It’s probably best for you to move on and find another forskolin seller.

In addition, make sure you write down the address and phone number to call in the event you decide you need to cancel.

Research the company

Some companies try to hide their past, but thanks to the Internet, you can easily find out whether or not a company is legitimate or not. Sites like the Better Business Bureau and Rip Off Report will let you know whether or not other customers have experienced problems with a specific company.

Also, although it may seem like second nature to you, check to see if the company has a legitimate website. A lot of companies that operate scams have no legitimate website or contact info. If you can’t find either of the two, then chances are you need to run far, far away from that company.


These four steps are simple to do and will make sure you will avoid getting scammed. For every forskolin scam, there are hundreds of sellers that offer legitimate pure forskolin supplements. These four steps will help you weed through the scammers so you can buy a safe, effective pure natural forskolin from a reputable seller.